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Whole Self: Fulfillment

Sometimes WHV can be a little too ethereal, metaphysical, and downright millennial huh? Throwing around the word "fulfillment" doesn't help but this is something that each generation's individuals hope to achieve. And it doesn't happen through the yoga mat contrary to popular belief.

Fulfillment in the context of today's topic is about living your best life no matter where you're at. Some might think fulfillment is about that top level promotion, getting your dream job, buying your dream house, getting to travel the world, and these are great achievements. So many people check these off their bucket list without feeling fulfilled, so something smells a little funny about using these as general measurements for fulfillment. Having a distorted version of what fulfillment is "supposed to be" can lead you to making assumptions and irrational decisions about your life that could be detrimental. So, thinking that fulfillment is about having your dream job may mean you'll automatically leave a job that starts getting difficult because the frustration or tension becomes a sign to you that it's not really your dream job. But what a flimsy definition of fulfillment, and good luck finding any job that doesn't create frustration. Yes, even if you're your own boss. Having a distorted view of fulfillment could lead you to believe that you're supposed to be doing all that traveling right now, but when you unload your savings account and get stuck in Costa Rica, let us know how that fulfillment is working out. No one can truly live every day like it's their last day because everyone would end up broke and likely unhappy.

Seeking fulfillment is another one of those vague concepts that can be what you define it to be, but also may not be something you have to seek at all. It could simply mean evaluating your feelings about your current satisfaction with life and determining the best changes that need to be made--if any. Fulfillment could mean learning how to love yourself and your life, be thankful and grateful, no matter what job, house, or vacations you have. To practice what really matters to you, pretend you died today. Make a list of all the things you would regret as either unfinished business, regrets of what you didn't get to do yet, regrets of things you didn't get to say. Maybe even write why you would have these regrets. After writing your whole list what do you notice are your common themes? Do you notice that you're more interested in making sure your relationships are healthy? Do you notice that you maybe do value your career because the work you do has a deep meaning to you? Do you have regrets about working too much? This exercise is not an all inclusive method to identifying your values and needs for fulfillment, but it's a good start to laying that foundation.

Share your ideas of fulfillment with the community and stop by the Cafe forum on your way out today!

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