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Mindfulness is a practice that originated in Eastern cultures but has transformed and become a part of daily routines across the world. Mindfulness practices available here are intended to help develop a sense of flexible control while accepting our thoughts and feelings without judgment. This goes beyond will power for many. 

Utilize these recordings at your comfort level. You can use them on the go, in the morning, afternoon, anytime that's right for you. You may experience different sensations or notice thoughts and feelings that you didn't notice before. The art of mindfulness is not to get rid of thoughts, but to notice them. In this way, you can begin to develop the skill of being an observer of yourself, instead of a critic of yourself. Mindfulness practices can help aid you in your self development and internal support.  These exercises are intended to be done in a safe place and not while driving or using equipment of any kind. You may close your eyes during exercises if you feel safe and choose to do so, or you may fixate your attention on the space in front of you. There is no real wrong way to do these exercises, except to judge yourself for not doing them right. 

*Mindfulness practices available here are not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any illness. If you feel you are struggling with mental health concerns, speak to your doctor or local mental health authority. 

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