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Why We're Here

At Wholehearted Vixen, our mission is to bridge the gap between women's ambitions and their realities. Given women live their day-to-day lives fulfilling various roles and expectations, while pursuing their own passions, it's hard to keep up. Our site serves as a resource for self-care tips to provide helpful information, digital tools, and a virtual community in which women who are reaching high for their goals can find solace and direction using our positive psychology techniques.

You may be wondering, "What is positive psychology?"  Basically, it is the scientific study of how positive actions, thoughts, and other positive aspects affect the human experience that makes an individual feel that life is worth living.  It focuses on the well-being of both the individual and the societal.

Our resources are created and designed by licensed professionals with years of experience who understand the needs of modern day women seeking fulfillment and empowerment in their everyday lives.  Those same professionals are involved in our virtual community helping each and every one of our amazing members receive the motivation and guidance they were looking for to improve their accountability and support.

Vixen is an identity of empowerment and strength. And that is why Wholehearted Vixen should be your trusted resource in positivity and a self-guided personal development program .  May you find your inner-vixen here.

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