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Alternative Life: Minimalist

In this series of Alternative Life we are checking out what it's like to live completely different than mainstream society. Some of you might be looking for a change of pace, a way to improve your life that you haven't thought of, or even just curious about how other people live and how weird it sounds. This post will go over minimalism, which doesn't sound as scary as you think.

Minimalism gets a bad rap. It borders on people thinking you're Amish, which doesn't have to be the case. But hey, if you want to go that route, more power to you. Minimalism can start with just having fewer possessions with the idea that ultimately creates less stress. So don't go throwing out your laptops or televisions just yet.

While minimalism doesn't mean you have to get rid of anything that isn't required for survival, there are some folks that take minimalism to the edge of existence. Some minimalists have managed to live their lives with fewer than 100 items of belongings. So, if you find this is the right path for you, you may become pretty addicted to living without things.

What are some benefits to minimalism?

  • Fewer things to keep track of

  • Less to pack when you have to move

  • Less things in your way when cleaning

  • Easier to find things, stuff isn't getting lost or stuck under other things all of the time

  • The above benefits may create a sense of refreshment for some

  • Less clutter in the home may mean less clutter in your mind

  • Save more money

  • No one expects you to buy them Christmas gifts

  • Begin taking seriously what you actually need

  • Remove unnecessary attachments

  • Focus more on quality relationships

This all sounds great right? So if this sounds like your thing, you might be wondering how to get started. Keep in mind minimalism is truly a way of life, and if you woke up tomorrow throwing out more than half of your things, you might start feeling regret or nervousness afterwards. Instead of going all in--which will more likely create relapse--start small. Take a weekend to go through all of your clothes and get rid of half. Or go room by room and anything you don't want anymore or realize you haven't used in 6 or more months, put in a box to either throw away or donate. The ideal of course is to donate, but some people get so caught up in the whole process of getting rid of things and donating that, if it's daunting, ends up in the back of your car for a long long time. So let yourself be a bad person and throw it away, for the sake of becoming a better person, if you think you won't take it to donation within the next week. And most importantly, when you're out shopping, put barriers in place to prevent buying unnecessary things. It's impulsive to say, "oh I need that" and to just purchase away. Instead, give yourself 24, 48, or even 150 hours to consider if this item is truly necessary.

Try out these resources to get started on what it means to be a minimalist:

Stop by the forum and tell us what you think, is this lifestyle too much or not enough to take your life a level up?

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