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Adulting 101: What Are You Missing?

There could be a whole website dedicated to providing information on how to do specific adult related things like writing up a resume, specific tricks on managing money, prioritizing, taking care of your car and more. Putting all of these things into a summary is pretty difficult, so this series of posts on Adulting focused on more meta-like conversations about what it means to adult an the spirit/concept of adulting as well as some of the most pinnacle features of becoming an adult such as time management and self-care. If you're looking for concrete direction on how to actually do specific tasks, the internet is your oyster. To make it simple, we've provided a listing of some common adulting tasks that people may need some extra guidance along with some resources!


  • - When it comes to something serious like taxes, you might as well go to the source. This is the official site for taxes in the US. If you're international, your country should have their own as well. The US site itself is the best bet for finding tons of information about taxes that you may not find using those third party tax preparing programs.

  • - This is also a federal site, and connects you to free filing.

Resume building

  • - This website shows the different kinds of resume format (there are apparently tons of them!) and even has a catchy, simple, useful resume builder that walks you through step-by-step through the process. It even has several templates to choose from and tons of free resources. Looks like you can even get some career advice while you're at it.

Money Management

  • - There are several sites you can go to for money management and if you're looking to really get into it, you can always talk to a financial consultant. However, not everyone has money to hire someone so here is a website that has tons of information for the person who is trying to save.

Student Loans


Buying/selling a car

All the other stuff

  • - While these videos may be geared more for men, most of these videos address basic day to day adulting tasks that we all realized at some point that we needed someone to sit down and teach us.

Take some time every week to go through these resources and see how they help you! When you know the basic skills on how to live well, life gets easier and more fulfilling. It may help to keep an ongoing list of things that come up that you realize you need a "sit down" lesson with someone, and stop by the forum and share your list to see if you can find someone who can help.

This concludes our Adulting 101 series but you'll certainly be hearing about more skills and resources in future posts related to living your best life, so keep stopping by!

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