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Being mindful is being aware of your thoughts and emotions as well as your physical and mental well-being.  Our Mindful Moments page gives you access to recordings and articles that will help guide you and teach you how to be more mindful on your journey of self-improvement and personal growth.


Join our community of wholehearted vixens in The Cafe.  Our digital forum was created to encompass a community of encouragement, accountability, and a place you can go to seek out advice for your own definition of empowerment and personal growth. Come here for your daily dose of accountability from fellow vixens!


We care about providing responsible quality products for productivity and self-care.  Most of our products are sourced through independent vendors. From journals to candles to that comfy cardigan you'll want to bust out in October, we think you'll like what you see. Let us know what you think about our shop as we appreciate any feedback, including products you'd like to suggest!


As Whole Hearted Vixen grows, so will our services. Keep checking back for updates, sign up to receive our newsletters, or click Contact below to send us a message.

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Self-Care: In Your Head

Sometime down the road we'll talk about the importance of routine and structure. That was almost going to be the topic of lesson 1....

Getting Basic about Self-Care

The majority of society wakes up at that last moment in the morning (that moment where, if you wait any longer, you really could get in...

Bad Day Emergency Kit

Having a self-care routine is essential for living a sustainable life, and that’s pretty common sense at this point for most of us....

Best Relaxation Tools-For Free

You wake up, get to work, do your best and give it your all, come home and even though you’re away from the work world you find it’s hard...

Assertively You

In today’s culture it’s common for people to shy away from speaking their truth, saying what they mean, and being up front about what...

Overcoming Resistance

Imagine yourself riding a bike up a hill (I know, me neither), you start off strong but when that grade hits pretty steep and you’ve...

Living Your Values

When we let our mind and emotions determine our actions, it’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes however our mind and feelings lead us...

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